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The Dream House

Property investment can get you the life you desire!

Read how in The Dream House – a book by Lee Berridge. Lee explains in plain terms how you can: buy your first property; build a property portfolio; manage tenants; and secure a great return on your cash invested every year. Lee helps you set goals; achieve those goals; and explodes the myths that stop people investing.

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the dream house

Here’s what people say about The Dream House…

The Dream House is a fabulous read for anyone looking to invest in the property market. The book gave me a wealth of advice and a much better understanding of the do’s and don’t of property investment. Lee Berridge certainly knows his stuff – his knowledge and expertise are very evident throughout the book. I strongly recommend The Dream House as a “must-read” for anyone thinking of owning a buy-to-let property”

Graham, Stockport

“I wasn’t sure whether I’d left it too late to get into the property world and how wisely to go about it if I did. The Dream House is an easy-to-read, easy-to-apply book that made sense and gave me the confidence to get started. Practical, honest and encouraging. A must-read for anyone who is keen to make some first steps.”

Matt S., Hertfordshire

“If you are considering investing in residential rental property, this book provides a clear, detailed guide. Lee Berridge’s simple philosophy creates a logical formula to carry you through the financial considerations, identifying a suitable investment property, preparing it for tenancy, and onwards to sourcing and retaining reliable tenants. This book is concisely written and bound to become a useful reference for both prospective and established landlords”.

Gillian, Kent

“DON’T GET INTO THE PROPERTY MARKET UNTIL YOU’VE READ THIS BOOK! Seriously – I did it the hard way. I bought three properties over five years. I bought badly, managed refurbs badly, recruited problem tenants and spent a lot of time, energy and cash solving the problems I’d created for myself. Then I met Lee. He’s helped increase my portfolio to the point that I now have a decent surplus income that will provide for my retirement – and taken all the hassle away. In The Dream House, Lee explains how he does this. Lee writes in plain English and gives plenty of real-life examples – so you can decide to have a go yourself or partner with Lee to build your property business. This book is worth 100 times its cost – I can’t recommend it enough.”

Frank, Manchester

“Lee’s book is an excellent read for anyone interested in property investing. He breaks down the process into easily understandable steps and more importantly shows how lucrative property can be. I have used Berridge Homes to source multiple properties over the last few years and the book describes perfectly how Lee goes about this and the subsequent successes that can be achieved.”

Nick, Hertfordshire

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