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Letting & management as a combined service
Your property investment will only be a success if you find the right tenants. We do not offer a “let-only” service (sometimes referred to in the trade as “let and forget”!) as we believe that the company finding the tenant should have to live with the consequences! By offering only a combined service, we remain focussed on the biggest single factor that will make your investment work: securing a reliable, long-term tenant who pays the rent and looks after the property.

Your property will be promoted on on the best internet sites using high quality photographs. We will take thorough references and provide you with a full briefing so that we can decide together if this is the right tenant. We will then check-in the tenant and deal with all the paperwork for you.

We will collect the rent and deal with any repairs promptly and cost-effectively through our network of approved repairmen. You will be informed of any expenditure in a timely fashion and, most importantly, you will receive your rent promptly with a full statement showing all income and expenditure.

Letting and management of your entire portfolio
Most of the properties that we let and manage are our own or those of our client investors. However, increasingly we are letting and managing properties that we have not been involved in buying. We would be delighted to discuss with you the letting and management of any residential property in Greater Manchester or Cheshire areas.

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